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Website URL: http://www.howtocurehalitosis.com

Detailed Description: This Guide teaches how to cure halitosis. Simple to do, fast and permanent result, it is the ideal home remedy for bad breath and will be super effective for the majority of halitosis cases. Money Back Guarantee if not delighted with your result.

About Us: Originally UK based, currently in the USA - Support is always available by email. My aim is your complete satisfaction with the product(s) provided.

Mission Statement: Striving always to enhance the lives of others by providing genuine products and/or advice for your good health and happiness.

Keywords: how to cure halitosis, home remedy for bad breath, cause of bad breath

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Company Name: Anne Veronica Unlimited  
Principal: Anne V Agar-Robertson
Address: 1127 Preston Street Rockford, Illinois 61102
Country: United States
Phone: 0 8157133382
Email: anneveronicahotmail.com
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