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Website URL: http://www.genetikfitness.com

Detailed Description: Reshape your body and your lifestyle. Unbelievably simple and effective training programs to completely reshape your body, incinerate fat, build muscles and re-energize you. Total Body program, based on my "Integrated Training Programs".

About Us: You want to: lose a few pounds, get in shape, tone your body, increase your muscle mass, improve your health. Our programs are designed to get results

Mission Statement: To provide mature individuals with short (30 minutes) training programs specifically created for their individual needs.

Keywords: Training programs, over 40, Healthy lifestyle

Company Profile

Company Name: Genetik Fitness  
Principal: Sylvain Tellier
Address: 491 Dalpe St-Amable, Quebec J0L 1N0
Country: Canada
Phone: 514-239-1507
Email: satnetaxis.ca
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Active Member: December 3, 2021

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