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Website URL: http://enragedgorilla.com/

Detailed Description: Mike Serovey shares some photographs with his site visitors. Visitors can set up their own accounts on this site and share their photographs as well. Video sharing is in the works.

About Us: Mike Serovey is a former US Army sergeant, a disabled Army veteran, an avid chess player, an amateur photographer, and a webmaster.

Mission Statement: My Mission is to share the love of photography with those who are willing and able to learn about and practice taking photographs.

Keywords: photography, photo sharing, pictures

Company Profile

Company Name: Mike Serovey Enterprises  
Principal: Mike Serovey
Address: 4424 North Chestnut Street #312 Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3858
Country: United States
Phone: 719-375-1001
Email: adminmikeseroveyenterprises.com
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Active Member: October 4, 2023

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