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Website URL: http://dnl-antiques.com

Detailed Description: DnL Antiques carries a full line of vintage memorabilia, antiques and collectibles, antique glassware for country living and collecting. New items every week, fast global shipping.

About Us: Antique collectors and dealers for over 25 years. We sell at antique shows, eBay, Grahams Antique Mall, and our online store. Come visit us!

Mission Statement: Selling a variety of quality antique and vintage memorabilia suitable for country decor or collecting, at a lower cost than our competitors.

Keywords: vintage memorabilia, antique glassware, antiques and collectibles

Company Profile

Company Name: DnL Antiques  
Principal: Dee Sacherich
Address: 307 Southfield Dr Greensburg, PA 15601
Country: United States
Phone: 724-216-5159
Email: larrydnl-antiques.com
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Active Member: February 2, 2023

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