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Website URL: http://www.dissolvekidneystonesnaturally.com

Detailed Description: A Natural Kidney Stone Remedy...That Really Works! Discover How To Dissolve & Pass Your Kidney Stones PAIN FREE in Less Than 24 Hours Using a Safe, Natural Home Remedy...Without Drugs and Without Surgery! Simple Grocery Items Bring Quick Results.

About Us: We are absolute believers in, and promoters of, natural home remedies. Besides kidney stones Meducan.com provides access to over 60 health conditions.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help as many people as possible to consider natural methods of treating their painful kidney stones as a viable option, in cooperation with their professional health care provider. We recognize the fact that many people would prefer natural alternatives to drugs and needless surgery if that option was available. The risks, side effects and expenses are drastically reduced and your body is given what it needs to heal itself. We provide the links to these natural remedies.

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Company Name: GeoTechMarketing  
Principal: George Glover
Address: Calgary, Alberta
Country: Canada
Phone: 403-873-7294
Email: honesteonlinegeotechmarketing.com
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Active Member: February 2, 2023

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