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Website URL: https://www.cjinvestiment.com

Detailed Description: C J Investiment is a consulting real estate and sister company to LifeOnTheNet7.com helping thousands of people with home business ideas and opportunities. We have dedicated staff that understand your needs and aspirations.

About Us: Helping you to rebuild your financial life and start afresh Protect your credit rating and wipe off accumulated debts faster.

Mission Statement: Impacting lives through tailored information, educating people proven strategies to help them stay financially free for life!To empower home owners and investors with real estate knowledge on new trends in creating and maintaining residual wealth in this changing economy.

Keywords: real estate,, investing in property, residual income

Company Profile

Company Name: CJ Investiment Property  
Principal: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
Address: 531 Taincrow Way, Golden Bay Perth, WA 6174
Country: Australia
Phone: 61437771036
Email: investcjinvestiment.com
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Active Member: January 21, 2021

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