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Website URL: http://cellulitesolutiononline.com

Detailed Description: Exposing true information about cellulite so women can see what it is, what makes it worse and what works so they can get rid of the problem naturally - and for good.

About Us: Dedicated to helping women around the world beat cellulite.

Mission Statement: Since creams, wraps, gels, pills and surgery CANNOT get rid of cellulite, we are proud to deliver the only physiological way to to remove the problem.

Keywords: cellulite removal, get rid of cellulite, cellulite treatments

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Company Name: Joe E. Atlas, Inc.  
Principal: Joey Atlas M.S., Exercise Physiology
Address: 12428 San Jose Blvd, Suite #2 Jacksonville, FL 32223
Country: United States
Phone: 866-937-5639
Email: supportatlashelpzone.com
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