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Website URL: http://www.canadianimpact.ca

Detailed Description: Canadian Impact Business Solutions provides expert marketing advice, online business branding, social media engagement, website development and more to both local and global businesses, both online and offline.

About Us: Over 25 years experience in award-winning advertising & marketing, both offline & online, instills confidence and pleasure in all of our clients.

Mission Statement: Help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals while providing professional, strategic, creative solutions & timely, responsive services.

Keywords: business, website, consulting

Company Profile

Company Name: Canadian Impact Business Solutions  
Principal: Lisa Preston
Address: 171A Rink St. Suite 174 Peterborough, Ontario K9H 2G9
Country: Canada
Phone: Skype: lisa.preston
Email: http://www.contactlisapreston.com
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Active Member: February 2, 2023

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