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Website URL: http://www.business-plan-examples.com

Detailed Description: Business plan examples and resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Tools and information related to the development of a business plan, goal setting, small business startup and managing a small business.

About Us: Started in 2008 to provide information and resources for developing a business plan for small business. Owned by parent company PbC Publishing Co.

Mission Statement: To be an advocate for small business and assist entrepreneurs in the business planning process.

Keywords: Business Plan Examples, Business Plan Template, How to write a business plan

Company Profile

Company Name: PbC Publishing Co.  
Principal: Whitney Frazier / Craig Frazier
Address: 9111 Seamill Rd. Charlotte, North Carolina 28278
Country: United States
Phone: 704-617-4942
Email: infopbcpublishingco.com
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