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Website URL: http://www.asselingroup.com

Detailed Description: Asselin Group Online Publisher publishes real estate and municipal directories, smart phone apps, and a variety of books for Amazon. Barb Asselin is an Amazon best selling author and co-author of Legal Transcription in Canada, published in 2010.

About Us: Barb Asselin developed Asselin Group Online Publisher in 2006 when she decided to take her Eastern Ontario Municipal & Real Estate directory online.

Mission Statement: Asselin Group Online Publishing is committed to publishing quality books on a variety of topics, one book at a time.

Keywords: Ontario municipal directory, Amazon books, smart phone apps

Company Profile

Company Name: 927944 Ontario Inc.  
Principal: Barb Asselin
Address: 449 Flat Rapids Road Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G8
Country: Canada
Phone: 613-623-0789
Email: barbasselinyahoo.ca
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Active Member: August 18, 2022

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