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Website URL: http://appattract.com

Detailed Description: AppAttract Mobile Phone and Mobile Websites Advertising System. Get your Product or Service noticed with the AppAttract Advert Exchange system. A Unique and Cost effective Advert Exhange System.

About Us: AppAttract is owned and Operated By Geoff Lord of Eye 2 Eye (Marketing Dept)Manchester UK. Developers of Advertising systems for Website Applications.

Mission Statement: To provide a Cost effective Advertising exchange for clients Worldwide

Keywords: mobile Phone advertising, Mobile phone Banner Exchange, Advertise

Company Profile

Company Name: Eye 2 Eye Internet Marketing  
Principal: Geoff Lord
Address: Eye 2 Eye (Marketing) Dept Middleton, Manchester M24 4EL
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: 0033 686567031
Email: geoffgeoff-lord.com
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