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Website URL: http://www.MountBonsai.com

Detailed Description: Mount Bonsai is a leading online retailer providing expertly tended bonsai trees and deluxe tools and supplies from Japan to create the ultimate bonsai garden adventure. You get the ultimate trees, tools, and service or you dont pay a dime.

About Us: We keep our prices low by hiring locally with no outside help. We are family owned and operated in the USA.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to continue spreading the art of bonsai broader and deeper. We seek to provide the best support to make sure you get the best bonsai trees, tools, supplies and much more!

Keywords: Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Pots, Bonsai Tools

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Company Name: Agiatezza International LLC  
Principal: Brandon E. Schoen
Address: 4801 Lang Ave Ne Suite 110 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Country: United States
Phone: 5052694505
Email: brandon.schoengmail.com
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Active Member: October 4, 2023

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