Which SEO Companies Can Grow Your Traffic?

Remember the old saying, “I’d rather do it myself”? Some online business owners stick to that refrain. But if you are serious about taking your products and services to the next level, SEO companies may be worth exploring, since it’s unlikely you’ll get to a point where you know all there is to know about creating a business online.

On the other hand, not all SEO companies have every answer either. You might prefer one company over another, so it’s best to take your time before you decide which one to engage.

Check the Internet for reviews, user comments, and the longevity of each of the widely used companies. Then you’ll have something to compare.

Make a List and Check it Twice!

Following are some items to list and then investigate about each company you are considering.

  • Search engine guidelines. Be sure the company you select works according to those guidelines published by major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others.
  • Examples of published work. Ask to see what the company has done for others.
  • Longevity in the industry. Be wary of fly-by-night firms that may be here today and gone tomorrow. Find out how long they’ve been in business.
  • Satisfied customers. Talk to business owners who have used the company’s services and listen to the positive and negative, if any, comments.
  • Client complaints. Check the Better Business Bureau for unresolved issues with former customers.
  • Communication practices. Inquire about how much input you’ll have and how often you can expect to hear from a company representative about the process.
  • Cost. Don’t let this important item slide. Be sure to find out exactly what the services will cost and how payment is made: hourly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

There’s no business like your business, so don’t be afraid to step up and speak up on your own behalf as you explore the SEO companies who want to serve you.