The American Marketing Association

One of the best ways to get ahead in the world of Internet marketing is to join an organization such as the American Marketing Association where you will meet other like-minded business people, learn new practices, trade ideas, expand your base of knowledge, and stay informed.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the professional association for individuals and organizations that are leading all over the world in the practice, teaching, and development of marketing.  According to the website, the AMA is dedicated to

Connecting—serving as a conduit to foster the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Informing––providing resources, education, career and professional development opportunities.

Advancing––promoting and supporting marketing practice and thought leadership.

Moving On

Solo operations can lead to stagnation. Some people give up after a season because it’s difficult to launch and sustain an Internet marketing business on their own. However, when interacting with others in an organization such as the American Marketing Association, you gain relevant information, a broadening of your education, tips on targeted networking, and ultimately great results for you and your customers.

Visit the AMA membership center on the website for membership information and benefits.

Then talk to a few members and get their opinion about the value. You can’t go wrong when you include other professionals in your life, who like you, are eager to learn and grow and then invest in others.