Take Advantage of These FREE SEO Tools

Establishing your presence on the Internet may sound exciting, adventuresome, and profitable. That is, until you start looking at all the expenses involved: creating a web site, hiring writers to create attention-getting content, working with a graphic artist to illustrate specific pages or covers for your products, drumming up appropriate keywords, strategizing how to reach your most promising visitors and turning them into buyers, dealing with links, affiliate programs, conversions, and search engine rankings.

Thankfully, there are a number of SEO tools out there that are free for the taking—or downloading. Spend some time browsing the freebies available to see which ones are right for you. Following is a list to consider.

Link Tools

Analyze incoming and outgoing links.

Check the number of links pointing to the website you choose.

Generate links relating to the keyword you select.

Keyword Tools

Find domains containing specific keyterms and phrases.

Check keyword results.

Extract keywords from a site.

Search Engine Tools

Find out how many pages Google has indexed for a particular website.

Preview what the listing for your site will look like.

Discover SEO statistics and spider information for your site.

Website Rank Checkers

Check rank and visitors for one website.

Find the current rank for any website.

Discover whether or not a site is faking their Google rank.

Social Web Tools

Find Twitter links to one website.

Find Digg links for a variety of websites.

Check sites for links bookmarked in Delicious.

Spend some time clicking around on the free SEO tools before you invest in something that is expensive, involves a learning curve, and may in the end, not be what you need or want.