SEO Solutions For Typical Website Problems

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, being careless or merely uninformed could cost you—in a sudden drop in rankings and ultimately, in visitors. Avoiding errors that result in search engine confusion and certain penalties for ignoring or overlooking search engine ‘rules’ will bring you down faster than a punctured balloon.

Following is a list of three common errors and ways to resolve them.

1. Redesigning your website

If you take this step, keep in mind that unless you include the same content, keyterms and crawlable links you had on your previous version, search engines will not recognize you.

Solution: Work with an SEO consultant to ensure the new website will contain the essentials such as page layout, content and keywords, navigation, links and the redirects necessary to hold your ranking.

2. Changing Content Management Systems

Remember that a shift in content management systems means a change in the templates that format web pages, navigation, and the structure of your URL pages. This can create a red flag for search engines.

Solution: To help you with the complexities of your changes it would be wise—even essential—to create an SEO migration plan with an SEO specialist, not merely your IT professional. You won’t want to skip any steps that will keep you on top of your market.

3.   Duplicating Content

If you offer duplicate content on different URLs you’ll confuse search engines. They must then decide which version is the original because they don’t want to show the same information and format to search engine users.

Solution: Make sure the primary version is first published on your site so there is no confusion. Link any duplicates back to that original. Also regularly monitor your material so you can spot anyone who takes content from you site without permission.

Keep in mind that for every SEO problem you face, there is an SEO solution.