Say “Thank You” With These Marketing Gift Ideas

Things are looking up. Your business is prospering. You’ve received excellent advice from the experts you hired to help you. Visitors have become buyers and are even purchasing follow-up products and services. You couldn’t be happier and more satisfied. Well, maybe you could move up a notch, but for the most part, everything is going well.

You want to thank your customers and the professionals who have helped you succeed. How can you do that? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Offer for a limited time (perhaps a month) a FREE download—a document with practical advice, an upgrade of one of your products, or a bonus package that augments something they already own.
  2. A box of chocolates with the words THANK YOU stamped on each piece, OR a chocolate bar with THANK YOU imprinted on each one.
  3. Pens or notepads with the name of your company on each one (though this gift can be a bit trite by some standards). However, something is better than nothing, so choose within your budget.
  4. A fruit basket or plant-of-the-month for six months or a year, depending on the size of your client.
  5. A purchase such as a goat (for milk), chickens (for eggs) for hungry residents of a deprived village in Africa or Appalachia, giving in honor or in the name of your client. There are many organizations available on the Internet that handle this kind of transaction.
  6. Eco-friendly giveaways that include reusable shopping bags (imprinted with your logo), cups, letter openers, personal flashlights, backpacks, tea bags, flower seed packets, and more.

Whatever you select, be sure it feels special to you and that it’s something useful and thoughtful––because gifts, like the products you sell, should reflect a positive image of you and your company. That will keep people coming back and sharing their experience with friends, colleagues, and family members––your future clients and customers.