Secrets For Writing Radically Different PPC Ads That Have A High CTR And Convert Like Crazy! (HO Internet Marketing Hors D’oeuvre #106)

(Got a nice visit from a miniature Cinderella this morning. Working from the home office has it’s perks… especially with my 3-yearold princess walking around.)

There are many keys for building highly profitable paid search advertising campaigns, but one of the bigger ones is to write radically different ads to test against one another.

Lots of people test small, subtle changes that make small differences. This is good to do, as some of those subtle changes actually make big differences…

But nothing makes as big a difference as radically different approaches and hooks in your ads.

Any time I’m starting a new campaign, I create an Excel spreadsheet filled with awesome headlines.

To get those headlines, I walk down to Vons and buy the latest People Magazine, or better yet: the Enquirer.

Not only can you laugh at the tabloids, but they're also filled with great PPC ad ideas!

Not only can you laugh at the tabloids, but they're also filled with great PPC ad ideas!

I bring it home and type every headline into my spreadsheet, line by line.

Then I go over to and I copy and paste all the headlines on the homepage to my spreadsheet.

This should give you at least 50 total headlines, if not 100.

Next, put your cursor in any blank cell and type: “=randbetween(1,100).”

Make sure to change the “100” to whatever total number of headlines are on your spreadsheet.

When you hit enter, the cell will return a value between 1 and 100, or whatever your total number of headlines is.

Whatever number comes up, look at the headline of that number, and force yourself to write a PPC ad for your product or service, using that headline as a model. No matter how hard it is, just do it…make it as compelling as possible.

You may have to change it dramatically, but I like to write at least 20 different ads per sitting.

Next, start plugging 2 or 3 these per ad group into your campaign. If you’ve setup your PPC account correctly you’ll have narrowly focused ad groups that contain similar terms.

Go the extra mile and tweak the ads once more to better fit the main keywords in each ad group. Try to fit those main keywords in there somewhere if possible. This can help, but I’ve also seen ads work well with none of the keywords in them. Keep this in mind.

Next, turn ’em on, test, track, and refine. Turn of what doesn’t work, and do more of what does.

Do this once a month, and in a year, you’ll be amazed by the improvement of your campaigns.

That’s it for today…come on back tomorrow for another piping hot HONESTe Online Hors D’oeuvre.

Eat up, and profit… 🙂

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

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