The Social Media For Business “Grind”: 3 Things You Must Know About Social Networking For Dollars


I’ve experienced a lot of Internet Marketing high’s and low’s in this chair since 2004. During those tough times (which you can never eradicate competely), I always found a way to keep believing… keep learning… and keep trying. I think these 3 are the keys.  It’s how you respond to tough times that determine if you get a seat at the feast.

While I’m far from being a social media “expert” yet, there are 2 things that jump out at me immediately after dipping my feet in the pool.

First, it’s no place for most budding business owners to start off a business venture. Instead, it should be an extension of the different mediums you touch base with your existing leads, prospects and customers. Your followers should flow from other channels.

Second, I’d say 95% of the people doing social media for business plug themselves or their product in every tweet, post, and stumble upon.

Like almost anyone that runs a highly profitable Internet Business, you want to give things of value to your prospects… in interesting and compelling ways.

Rise above all the noise out there, and bring value to their lives through your tweeting, bookmarking, and posting.  Be the one tweet they see all day where they think, “Wow! No that’s solid advice!”.

Rise above all the noise out there in social media for business-land.

Rise above all the noise out there in social media for business-land.

People will be more likely to pass on a snippet of good content rather than some pre-written ad that comes tweeting across the wire for the 10th time in a row.

Then, once in awhile, include a link back to your blog or specific articles.  And once in a GREAT white, do a compelling, curiousity based one-liner to an opt in form… and even more rarely, a link to a product sales page.

Make sure any promotion you do, is just as interesting as the content nuggets you’re doling out.

Oh, and one third thing I’ve noticed… this is something you have to work at.  Don’t expect quick, fast, and easy results.  You’ve got to build a REAL following of REAL people looking for YOUR tweets.

Using some of the better tools out there, you don’t need to spend a lot of time at this every day.  But you do need to be on it EVERY day.

Rise above all the noise, and grind away at it.  You’ll drive in some more leads and sales over time.  You will see success.

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Until tomorrow…

Eat up, and profit.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

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