Is Article Marketing The Answer?

Many Internet marketers find good success through article marketing. They promote products and services online by means of article directories. If these lists have high web page ranks, they likely receive a lot of site visitors and search engines then consider them to be authority sites.

One way to maximize the results of an article advertising campaign is to submit written articles to a number of article directories. Most major search engines, however, filter content that is duplicated in order to avoid the same material being returned multiple times in a search.

Article Spinning?

Article spinning is one way to avoid the filter (though is considered “black hat”, and is not recommended) and yet not have to write a totally new article. Writers create a number of variations on the same topic, being careful not to repeat the same wording or the same examples in various articles.

It is still important to have a domain, an Internet hosting plan, and a promotional budget. However, you can gain additional exposure by making use of article directories as a free host and then receiving continuous traffic to your site as a result of organic searches since each listing as search engine authority.

Spread the Word

Of course the first goal of any article marketing campaign is to increase visitor traffic. The article writer can do this by incorporating relevant keywords into the article. Then when a potential customer reads the article, he or she is likely to click on the keyterms which take him or her to your website. This is not a bad way to spread the word about your site.

People often keep track of the articles they read and return to them for information and review again and again. Each time they reread they are reminded of pertinent keywords and may click through again to your site.