Your Homework On Search Engine Optimization Companies

Once you learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization you might find that the services provided by search engine optimization companies may be the answer for you.

Those with solid reputations in this specialty can help you with content, underlying code, website architecture, keywords, and appropriate links in order to become search engine friendly with Google, Yahoo! and MSN, to mention a few. Such firms will optimize and strategize so you receive high quality service for the money you invest.

Since there are many search engine optimization companies to choose from, take your time locating one that’s right for you. Find several on the Internet and discuss each one with colleagues you respect. Be sure the firm you select has a solid track record in the SEO business and plenty of clients who will vouch for the services provided.

Do Your Homework

Start by studying the websites of each company that seems promising. Then interview someone from the firm, asking pointed questions.

  1. Do you follow the design and technical guidelines published by the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN? (Google Webmaster Guidelines, Yahoo! Search Quality Guidelines, MSN Guidelines for Successful Indexing
  2. May I see some examples of your previous SEO work?
  3. How long have you been in this business?
  4. Which SEO techniques do you use and which do you recommend?
  5. May I have a list of satisfied customers willing to speak to me?
  6. Do you have any unresolved disputes listed with the Better Business Bureau?
  7. How do you communicate with your clients and how often?
  8. Will I have anything to say about the strategy you employ for my online business?

Be sure to invest whatever time it takes to understand and evaluate search engine optimization companies before you select one for your business.