Search Engine Optimization Costs And Billing Plans

The pricing formula for SEO optimization services is based on the number of keywords, sometimes called key phrases or key terms, that you want to have optimized, as well as the number of Google results that put you on the first page of any search.

After making those essential decisions, start looking at the various plans on the web that are available for additional services, ranging from consultations to building links, at a cost that can range from several hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on what you need, want, and can afford.

Popular SEO Pricing Models

  • By the hour. Rates here vary from $40-$50 per hour for entry level businesses and go up to $1000 an hour for high-tech services.
  • By the project. Here you would pay a flat fee based on an estimate of time, effort, and the number of personnel involved.
  • By the contract. Services are available for a set amount of work, usually customized and based on discussion and consultation.
  • By profit sharing. In this case you would make a small down payment and then pay a percentage of revenues as they come in.
  • By a monthly retainer. Some SEO firms offer a variety of consulting ‘packages’ for a set fee per month.
  • By rankings. Customers who choose this option pay various fees depending on their ranking, with bonuses given for the first three rankings.
  • By Traffic. This payment system treats SEO very much like PPC (pay per click) and can work successfully in many situations.

When you’re ready to investigate search engine optimization costs, you’ll now have some idea what to expect and how to approach a particular company with your needs and the funds you have to invest.