Search Engine Ranking Emergency: The SEO “Theory Of Nature” For Long Term Success, And 3 Emergency Actions To Take When Google Slaps You Down

There’s a commonly asked question out there: “What happened to my google search engine traffic? I lost all my rankings!”

First of all, and I must say this, if you want to run a solid online business, do NOT leat too heavily on 1 source of traffic.  As Dan Kennedy says: “1 of anything is bad”.

It’s true.

When I see 1 traffic source that is starting to pull ahead of the others, I get nervous. And I do whatever is necessary to increase the traffic flow from other sources. I try to keep it all even.

(Of course, I’ll continue to improve my biggest traffic source as well… never forget to do more of what is working… but don’t neglect your other sources.)

The bottom line is: you never know what forces could dry up any given traffic source at any given moment.

Now, back to the question: “What happened to my google search engine traffic and rankings?”

Relax, take a deep breath — even though it may be hard. I know what you’re feeling…I’ve been there.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my content unique and helpful to my visitors?  Do I provide REAL value to people interested in my niche?

2. Do I have a variety of backlinks to both my homepage and internal pages from a variety of related sites? (Do you also have an ongoing systematic approach in place to get new backlinks?)

3. Do I target a different keyword related to my market on each page, and tastefully sprinkle it throughout the title of my page, headline tag, and body copy? (Mentioning it 2-3 times in the body, and once in the title and headline is sufficient in most cases.)

4. Do I have a good sitemap linked to from my homepage pointing the search engines to all my internal pages?

5. Do I have a good “internal linking” structure throughout my site? (A sitemap and/or index pages are great for this. You just want to make sure that the internal links pointing to your pages have relevant “anchor text keywords” in the links to help the search engines know what each page is about.) (Another great tip is: if you have 2 pages of content that are closely related, link them to eachother with some text that says “If you loved this article about [KEYWORD PHRASE], you’ll get alot out of this one too: [TITLE OF ARTICLE AS ANCHOR TEXT]”

If you answered yes to these question… you’ll be fine. I’ve been doing this since 2003, and I’ve had quality sites completely lose all search engine rankings… sometimes the drop lasts for a few days… and sometimes a few months.  But they always come back…and sometimes bringing MUCH MORE traffic with them.

And if you’re still in a panic, and you fall into the category of relying too heavily on free search engine traffic? You CAN help speed up the process of getting your rankings back.

1. Create some killer, fresh, unique content and put it on the site every single day.  Link to it from the homepage.  And make sure these new pages link to your sitemap and/or index pages…and also any closely-related articles you already have on your site.

2. Go through the process in google and bing of submitting these new pages to their engines. (Quick searches on “re submit site to google” will give you the latest process to follow…)

3. Go get some new, quality, targetted backlinks. How? (a) Find some of the top blogs and content sites in your niche.  Call them on the phone. Tell them you’re a knowledgeable expert in your field and you’d like to write 1 or 2 unique and valuable articlesfor them. In exchange a backlink will go from that article to your homepage with some good anchor text related to your main keyword phrase. (b) Offer to do a “guest blog post” on a related blog or 2. (c) Create a squidoo lense, quality social media profiles on the main social sites… all linking back to your site.

Think outside the box.  There’s a ton of ways to get new, quality backlinks. But you gotta “give” to “get”.

In the end, it all comes back to the late great “Ken Giddeons” and his “Theory of Nature” regarding SEO. (He told me all about it at Ken McCarthy’s system seminar in Chicago… way back in 2004.) What happens when a super quality website, giving tons of value to people, gets listed in the search engines? People naturally link to it from all sorts of different related websites…with varied anchor texts…to a variety of different internal pages, not just the homepage.

Help your site follow the SEO "Theory Of Nature" for organic and natural growth.

Help your site follow the SEO "Theory Of Nature" for organic and natural growth.

Help this “theory of nature” take hold on your site, and you’ll have a more stable, long term SEO traffic source.

Whew…another long one way over 2 minutes. I’m getting carried away here!

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

Image contributed by lollyknit