How To Turn Your Visitors Into “SEO Gurus”… And Have Them Push Your Site Onto Page 1 Of Google (HO Internet Marketing Hors D’oevre #104)

Back at the office after a “solo” weekend with my 2 little girls while the wife was playing around in Vegas. It started off rough, but in the end – amazingly – I wouldn’t have changed places with her. I think I’m getting older.

I’ve always taken a simple, long term approach to Search Engine Optimization.

It’s all about setting up an organic process, and working it (or having someone else work it) for about 30 minutes a day, every day.

“Flavor of the month” SEO tools, gadgets, and gizmos are no longer a part of my business plans… and haven’t been since 2005.

It’s all about long term, steady success… and here’s a quick strategy you can use to knock it out of the park.

I did this on brand new domains…but I recommend you do this on your existing “main” website, if it’s been around for awhile and already gets traffic.

I setup new domains for all of my market: www.ask[main keyword phrase].com

I use WordPress for this, but you can use anything you want… any blog software would work for ease of use.

Then I hired a template guy to work up a good-looking blog theme. Next, I had my graphics guy create a big round button called “ASK YOUR RED WAGON QUESTION… FREE!”.

Make this button really stand out on your page… people will click it and ask questions. Just have them emailed to you, and remember to use a captcha form to prevent spam.

Get your prospects to ask questions about your niche.

Your prospects have a lot of questions about your market niche... let them ask!

Put the customer questions in the title of your posts. Use the body of the post to answer the questions.

This is a simple strategy, but it’s been HUGE over the last 5 years…and traffic continues to build and increase every single month and year. People link to the content, and you get ranked for both long tail and short tail keywords.

Get started with this now, and in a year you’ll be blown away by what happens.

Finally, make sure to have an opt-in form on all your pages. (even use a tasteful hover opt in box if it makes sense.)

Your opt-ins will go up…and you’ll need to keep delivering good stuff to your list…

Hope you enjoyed this tasty HONESTe Online Hors D’oeuvre…

Time to “plug it in” and profit.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

Image contributed by marcobellucci