How To Write Gold-Nugget Marketing Bullets That Instantly Boost Conversion Rates On Almost Any Sales Webpage (HO Internet Marketing Hors D’oeuvre #107)

While the kids and wife are up at the Santa Barbara Zoo, I’m sitting in a cave talking to you about bullets.  Ah, the lonely life of an entrepreneur.  At least they left the dog here to keep me company.

One of the biggest keys for success in online marketing, for me, has been the ability to write persuasive, hypnotic, compelling bullets on my sales pages.

In my opinion they are the 4th most important part of any sales landing page, behind the headline, offer, and hook.

No matter who you are, or what you sell, if you take some time to write awesome, power-packed bullets, your conversion rates will increase.

But this isn’t something to take lightly.  I spend WEEKS writing bullets for a long sales page…and at least 3 days writing bullets for smaller catalog-style pages selling physical products.

I like to walk down to the coffee shop with the product I’m going to sell, a notepad, and a pen.

My sales copy (and bullets) are usually 10 times better when sitting at a dive coffee shop with a pen and notepad.

My sales copy (and bullets) are usually 10 times better when sitting at a dive coffee shop with a pen and notepad.

I spend an entire day staring at the product, if it’s a book or course, I’ll flip through each page.

I think hard about the different features and benefits, and “hooks” lying inside and around that product.

And I write bullet after bullet with reckless abandon.  I don’t edit myself, or think, “this is a dumb one…”.  I just write, no matter how crazy or ridiculous they sound.

I do this day after day until I’ve literally exhausted my mind and/or I’ve been through every page of the product, if it’s an information product.

When I’m done, I go through each bullet and ruthlessly cross off ones that have no chance at survival.

I really take this time to boil them down to only the BEST.

Next, I go through each one and twist, massage, strengthen each… until each one is solid gold.

Finally, I “order them” in the most compelling way possible, to go on the sales page.

As for “how” I write bullets, this is a lengthy discussion, but here are my favorite bullet types:

1. The blind bullet.  This is all about curiosity and is best used if you’re selling some sort of information product.  Here’s the format:

A secret blend of aromas that can quickly ease sinus pressure, reduce sore throat pain, and make you sleepy. (You’ll find everything you need for this in your kitchen, and I’ll show you how to “simmer” these ingredients to get results in under 5 minutes.)

Breaking it down, you lead with a compelling secret “thing” (my example is “a secret blend of aromas”), then follow be 3 important benefits your prospect is looking for.  In this fictional case, we’re targetting people wanting relief from the common cold.

Then you follow it with a statement with how easy it is to use, and how quickly you can get results.  I like throwing this part in parenthesis, as if it’s an important afterthought.

2. The credibility boosting bullet.  This type of bullet is completely transparent.  You basically give some amazing fact or tip that most people aren’t aware of.  Just sprinkle a few of these in there.  Their purpose is to build your credibility and wow your readers.

An example of this: “Why consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each night before bed time can burn “new colds” out of your body before you feel any symptoms.”

I’m not giving you health advice here, and I have no idea if apple cider vinegar helps.  (Just in case it does, I drink some every night though. 😉 )

See how this can boost your credibility by revealing just a few amazing tips in the bullets?  If they’re really good, people will think, “Wow, this person knows what they’re talking about”.

Of course, it’s a little different if you’re selling physical products… some sort of widget.  In that case you’ll probably have far fewer bullets (but I do recommend as many as possible as long as they each hit a unique benefit…), and they’ll probably all be straight “benefit” bullets.  Just make sure to take some time to make each one as compelling as possible.

Look at me…I’ve gone over my 2 minute time limit again!

The Hors D’oeuvres for today are “well done” to say the least! 🙂

Enjoy, profit, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

Image contributed by govmarkwarner