How To Increase Your Online Profits (And Eliminate Your Competition) By Tweaking Your Product Offer (HO Internet Marketing Hors D’oeuvre #108)

Despite what some people think, the quality of a traffic source and the offer you present to them are far more important than the persuasiveness and quality of your sales copy.

It goes without saying that you need to go out and find traffic sources that are targetted to what you sell… so today I’m going to focus on the other side of this equation: your offer.

Specifically, a simple trick to build more value into your offer.

What is the easiest way to do this?  Add compelling, value-added INFORMATION to your offer.

I’ve used this technique for selling both information products (like e-books, physical books and courses), and PHYSICAL products -widgets of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re selling an information product, think about what else you can ADD to it, to sweeten the deal.  For example, do a high quality interview with an expert on the subject… a webinar, or a special report… better yet, all THREE.

Sweeten the pot by adding valuable and compelling bonuses to your product offer.

Sweeten the pot by adding valuable and compelling bonuses to your product offer.

Make sure these add-ons supplement the information in a compelling way.  In other words, make them damn good!

Hire a good artist or designer to create high-quality cover art, illustrate the inside of each add-on… really make them sizzle with value.

If you’re selling downloadable information, adding this stuff to the pot will give you the chance to call the product a downloadable course, or kit…instead of just an ebook, or an interview.

If you’re delivering the information in printed books/cd’s/dvd’s, go the extra mile and have your add-on’s mastered, printed, and produced.  Then, raise the price of your product, but not as much as the increase in value you’ve just added.

If you’re selling a physical widget, make sure the information you add is compelling, helping your customers get more out of the product…and give them inside tricks to accomplish whatever their goal is faster, cheaper, or better than they could before.

You CAN provide your add on’s as downloads, but I highly recommend having them mastered, produced, and mailed along with your physical widget.  Increase the price accordingly, but not as much as the increase in value you’ve added.

Experiment with changing the name from just “widget” to a “package” or “kit” to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Do this for everything you sell…add value, differentiate, be the highest priced option.  If what you add is compelling enough, with enough benefit, there will be nothing else like you online.

One last inside tip: Once you’ve created these add-on’s, if one or 2 of them are extremely high value and compelling enough, consider turning them into stand alone upsells to offer customers at the point of purchase.

Your profits will soar.

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Eat up, and profit.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

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Are You Making This Big Online Marketing Blunder? (HO Internet Marketing Hors D’oevre #102)

There’s a big mistake I’d say 90% of businesses and ebusiness make, and that is: many of them don’t put a call to action in every piece of content they send out. Whether sending out free content, marketing messages, brochures, sales pages, newsletters, you need to include a call to action. A way for the prospect to get more information about what you have – and what it can do for them.

In direct marketing you should always include a call to action.

DOH! Have you checked all your content to make sure there's a call to action?

At minimum this means plugging in a phone number, email address, or website your prospects can use to find you.

Better yet, really think about a curiousity provking, benefit laden sentence or 2 you can use to increase the “traffic” to your call to action. Lead with this…and follow it with your call to action.

Where should you put these calls to action?

Put them in your articles, videos, press releases, facebook posts, blog posts, forum and blog comments, audio files, and of course your sales pages and marketing materials. Everywhere you interface with prospects and customers.

Now there’s a bonus tip here: spend a few hours writing a “signature” for yourself to use at the bottom of every email you send… every forum post, comment, blog post, etc.

Again, use curiousity and/or some big benefit followed by a link to check you out, or sign up for a free sample of the information or product.

That’s it for today…I’ll be back tomorrow with another HONESTe Online Internet Marketing Hors D’oeuerve. Have a good one!

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

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