Website Banner Advertising: 2 Sneaky Tricks For Creating Long Term Profitable Traffic Sources That Run On Autopilot

I took me about 7 years to learn this lesson for some strange reason…but now I’ve got it down to a science and I’m going to spoon feed it to you today.  Free.

This does NOT apply to search PPC traffic on keywords. But it applies to any “display” type advertising where your ad appears in the same spot to the same people over and over again.

This includes newsletter banners…facebook ads… banners on websites… Google Display advertising… and even “solo” emails to other lists related to your market.

In situations like this, you’ll be fighting “ad fatigue”. Very simply, the more people see the same ad over and over, the less likely they are going to be to click.  And when you click rate drops, you either begin paying more per click, or the traffic from that source stops all together. If it’s profitable traffic, this is something you DON’T want to happen.

Ad fatigue can kill your website banner advertising campaigns.

Ad fatigue can kill your website banner advertising campaigns.

It’s a real pain to manage this actively.  You could easily be in a situation where you’ve got to create new ads every week, or every DAY, just to keep the traffic flowing from these sources.

There are 2 ways to fight ad fatigue, and I use both of them in all of my display type campaigns.

First I either limit my daily budget and/or limit the frequency my ads are shown to a single visitor per day.  If there’s an option, set your ad frequency to “1/24”. This means the ad will be shown to a given individual only one time per 24 hour period. Also limit your daily budget to about HALF of what you spend per day now.

See how long your ads last, and slowly raise the spend each week or month to find a point where you’re making the most profit per day. (The real indicator of success.)

Second, write 10-15 ads and run them all in a rotation.  Weed out the underperformers.  Keep writing new ads and throwing them in the rotation until you have 8-10 proven ads that get the clicks.

Leave them ALL in the rotation.

If you do these 2 things you can create display campaigns that stand the test of time, and bring in profitable traffic month and month, year after year, with very little maintenance.

Quick bonus tip: use this same process when you find a profitable list to do solo emailings to. But instead of banner ads, you’ll be create 10-15 solo emails to rotate through.  Also, limit the amount of times you email to the list to once or twice a month. When results start to get close to break-even…take a month or 2 off, then hit the list again.

I’ve got campaigns that have been running like this for a year with no signs of slowing down…

That’s it for today…see ya tomorrow!

Eat up, and profit.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

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