How To Get Web Traffic: The “Thank You” Method For Driving Targeted Prospects To Your Offer With Credit Cards In Hand

Once you’ve got the conversion puzzle figured out for your business… when your targetted traffic sources produce paying customers on a semi-consistent basis, it’s all about diversifying those traffic sources.

At one time in my eLife… for one of my businesses… I relied on 1 traffic source for 80% of my traffic. You guessed it… Google.

When that traffic started to dry up, I had to get creative and build out additional traffic sources for that business to survive.

Since then, I’ve build out lots of new streams of profitable traffic.  That business is more profitable now than ever… and I sleep better at night knowing if one traffic source goes down, I’ve still got a dozen others sending good traffic to my sites.

One of the best traffic sources has been the “thank you” method.

It doesn’t send a lot of traffic, I’ll be honest.  But the traffic that does come in is HIGHLY qualified. In fact, the visitors  already have their credit cards out, ready to buy.

Here’s what to do:

STEP 1: Make a list of your most successful competitors. Include both their emails addresses and phone numbers.

STEP 2: Buy each of their products.  I’m serious, and you’ll see why.

STEP 3: Call each one of them on the phone, one by one.  Just go down the list.  When talking to each of them, come at them from an angle of excitement about their product and offer. Tell them that you actually bought it, and you think it’s great.  OF course don’t lie, if it’s not a good product, don’t bother with them…they probably won’t be in business very long anyway.

STEP 4: Tell them you think your customers would love the product too because it’s complimentary to what you offer.  Offer to feature it on your “thank you page”…to your existing customers, as an affiliate of the product. In exchange, ask if you can send them one of your products for free so they can look it over and possibly offer it on their thank you pages as well.  Most of them will say “yes”…why wouldn’t they?  You’re already bought their product… you’re offering to help them…and your sending them your product for free.

You’re in a great position at this point.

STEP 5: Send them your product along with an email that contains the exact text and link they’ll use on their thank you page. Do it all for them, so all they have to do is copy ‘n’ paste it onto their thank you page.  Don’t make it too long or salesy.  Look at the way Amazon does it. The copy, “People who bought this also bought X.”  The “X” is your product, and you’ll have a picture of it as well.

STEP 6: Use this copy to feature your competitors product on your thank you page, and as soon as it’s done, send them an email to show them.  Close with the line, “I’m so glad we’ve decided to work together…our products really fit well together and serve our marketplace. Looking forward to exposing your customers to my product as well. Let me know.”

STEP 7: Follow up once every few days or week with an email and/or phone call.  Don’t be pushy, but subtly remind them that you’ve done a lot for them.  You’ve purchased their product… you’ve put their offer on YOUR thank you page… and you’ve send them your product for free.

A powerful psychology is at work here, and it’s just a matter of time. Not all of them will do this, just move on to the next.

Setup as many relationships like this as you can for more long term streams of profitable traffic.

Partner with competitors to generate website traffic. Who say's they're bad? :)

Partner with competitors to generate website traffic. Who say's they're bad? 🙂

That’s it for now…until next time…

Eat up, and profit.

Chef Dan “the eMarketing Man”

Image contributed by aidan_jones