Marketing Automation Software Selection Tips

People who say ‘no’ today are likely to say ‘yes’ tomorrow or six months or a year from now if you follow up your leads through marketing automation software. It has been around for awhile but it’s ‘new’ today because of the great strides and advances made over the last couple of decades. For example, such systems are now capable of adapting to the way your prospects interact with the systems by sending messages at appropriate times. You no longer have to figure out when it’s best to send a follow-up.

Therefore, marketing automation software is a must if you want to increase your sales. Visit and other software sites if you’re looking for automatic marketing that converts leads into new customers and increases sales from existing ones. You no longer have to enter, re-enter and continually monitor customer data. The software does it for you.

If automation software is unexplored territory for you, however, there are things to consider before making the purchase. Following are five steps to consider.

1. Get a handle on what and how much of your communication you want to automate.

2. Be sure you have the right people working for you—those with skill and knowledge when it comes to automation software and its benefits.

3. Prepare good content and how you will assemble it. Mindless emails that don’t offer any real help are annoying and may turn off a would-be buyer.

4. Establish your business goals and objectives so your marketing campaign will lead to positive results—initial and follow-up purchases.

5. Consider where you are on the marketing maturity curve.

“Take an objective approach to determine what will get the job done,” says Carlos Hidalgo from the Annuitas Group. “Bells and whistles do not mean much if they are not being used.”