List Of Marketing Associations

When it comes to marketing associations there is a lot to learn and there are many benefits to consider when joining one or more and becoming an active member. Following is a list of some of the associations available. Visit these organizations online to find out more about what they offer and the specific requirements for membership. (

This group focuses on strategic marketing, training and development techniques for marketing professionals. Stay current and informed about the latest techniques, trends, law changes, regulation updates and developments in the marketing industry. Ensure your professional success with the opportunities and materials offered here.

Direct Marketing Association (

Direct marketing news, research, conferences and jobs can be found through this organization. The focus here is people doing direct, database, and interactive marketing.

Internet Marketing Association (

Membership here provides a knowledge-sharing platform for business-to-business marketing professionals, including tips, techniques, and trade secrets.

American Marketing Association (

AMA offers a selection of marketing and advertising articles and tips, access to thousands of companies and firms, knowledge and insight about careers and jobs, and much more.

Business Marketing Association (

Here the focus is on the field of business-to-business marketing. (

If you wish to take online courses, receive certifications and attend conferences related to e-marketing this is the place to visit and research.

Promotion Marketing Association (

Represents companies and professionals involved in promotion marketing.

Web Marketing Association (

This group helps the online marketing community raise the standard for web development.

There may be one or more marketing associations here that fit your particular niche. Study and then ask colleagues for their viewpoint.